Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Banana Chocolate Chip Softies

Whenever I have a ripe banana on the counter I always get a request for banana cookies. These cookies are a favourite around here so I make them quite often. I found this recipe years ago in the Treasury of Desserts and initially made them because you only need one banana and they are quicker to make and bake than banana bread. They turned out so well and were enjoyed by eveyone that now I could not imagine ever not making them.

The cookie is a simple drop cookie that can be made plain or with chocolate chips and/or nuts. The batter is soft and cannot be put into a cookie scoop so it must be spooned onto the cookie sheet. These cookies turn out wonderfully soft and cakey. They are not meant to be crisp and taste like little mini banana cakes. Since the recipe only makes about 2 dozen, there are usually never any left for the next day. I found a very similar recipe here, though the measurements are not the same if you'd like to try them out. I used Hershey semi-sweet chocolate chips for this batch, though milk chocolate would work just as well.

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