Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Welcome Back Cake

Today long-time friends who live overseas came back to Canada for a visit. This was very exciting since I haven't seen them in 3 years. My neighbour Elizabeth (who happens to be the sister of one friend) asked me to make a carrot cake for dessert. I happily obliged and iced it with cream cheese icing. The big decision was how to decorate it. Elizabeth said she wanted chocolate flowers so I said no problem. While I was at the library this morning I was looking through the cookbook aisle and saw The Whimsical Bakehouse. I had already looked through this book before and I knew they used melted chocolate to make designs. I took it home for inspiration.

A couple hours later this was the final product. I apologize for the poor picture quality but the Ontario skies did not co-operate with me and remained cloudy all day. The flowers, sun, stems, clouds and words are all melted and tinted white chocolate wafers. I drew the pictures out on parchment paper and traced them with the chocolate. I piped the grass on afterwards as well as the ubiquitous "V" birds most commonly seen in grade 5 drawings. It was great fun working with the melted chocolate. You can pretty much make any design your heart desires and hopefully I'll get better the more I try. I'm waiting in anticipation to do it again soon...its much easier to snack on chocolate wafers than buttercream icing.


Sara said...

Absolutly beautiful - you did an incredible job!

Canadian Baker said...

Thank you Sara!

Pyewacket said...

That cake is adorable! Your friends must have been thrilled.

Jeff in NC said...

That is absolutely amazing! What a fantastic job! The friends must have been so thrilled to see such a beautofully decorated cake for them :)

Canadian Baker said...

Pyewacket - Thanks so much! My friend especially liked the flowers - she loves them. :)

Jeff - Thank you! They sure were pleasantly surprised when they saw it. :)

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Bravo!

I'd happy to be bake if I saw a cake like that waiting for me. You are so talented!