Sunday, February 12, 2006

Orange Vanilla Chip Cookies

What do you make when you have oranges and white chocolate chips? Orange Vanilla Chip cookies of course. Unfortunately, I don't have vanilla chips but the recipe I used said it was fine to substitute white ones. (If anyone knows where to get vanilla chips in the GTA, please let me know)

This cookie is truly simple to make. It is a drop cookie with a plain cookie base and orange rind and white chocolate chips added in. The recipe comes from the Magnolia Bakery Cookbook. I've had this book for quite a while and have only made a handful of recipes. (Not for lack of wanting, though)

I made these cookies years ago and decided to give then another try since I don't think the first batch came out well. There seems to be a lot of differing opinion on Magnolia Bakery - all the way from "it's heaven" to "the cupcakes are dry". If you'd like to read a review of Magnolia, check out the post on Lovescool.

Having never been to NY to try out their baked wonders, I can only say for certain that the cookies are great. They're not overly sweet with a nice orange tang and are more sophisticated than a regular chocolate chip cookie. A definite keeper.


Joe said...

I love orange and dark chocolate, but have not tried it with white... I wish I could taste one!

Jocelyn:McAuliflower said...

I have seen so many great references to this cookbook recently.

Creamsicle cookies sound wonderful!