Saturday, June 16, 2007

Custard-Topped Berry Kuchen

First, let me start out by saying there is no custard on this kuchen. I had a bit of a springform pan mishap in that it popped open when I took the kuchen out to pour on the custard and it wouldn't close. It just kept snapping open - I don't know why. So I sighed and scrapped the topping even though I was really looking forward to it.

Despite that little problem, this kuchen turned out to be a fluffy and moist berry cake all on its own. The lemon-scented batter is surrounded by juicy berries and with a sprinkle of icing sugar, makes a nice light dessert. The batter is make like most other cakes by creaming butter and sugar and then adding the wet and dry ingredients alternately. My mom really liked this cake and suggested that a scoop of ice cream would make it even better.

I have included the entire recipe and hopefully if you make it you'll be more successful than I in the making of the custard. :)

Recipe: Custard-Topped Berry Kuchen

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Orange Carrot Bundt Cake

The other evening I went to Starbucks with some friends. If you're familiar with this oh-so-popular coffee joint you'll have noticed they have an orange theme going on right now which includes an orange cream cake. I'm not sure this is the correct name but the cake tastes like a creamsicle popsicle. (Vanilla flavored ice cream on the inside with an orange sherbert flavored shell.) I told my friends I wanted to try and recreate it and they promptly reminded me that there was an orange cake on the cover of Canadian Living that looked yummy. I took the hint and gave it a go.

Just so you know, this cake tastes nothing like a creamsicle. It is a classic tea cake with a good crumb and pretty little flecks of orange from the carrots. The more assertive flavour is the orange and the carrot acts as a compliment to it. It doesn't taste like a typical carrot cake at all. The cake baked up in my oven in exactly an hour and once iced with the yummy tangy glaze, it sure was a sweet treat. Just one note, this cake sliced much cleaner the second day so baking it one day before you're going to eat it wouldn't be a bad idea.

Recipe: Orange Carrot Bundt Cake

Friday, June 01, 2007


Do you ever feel more connected to a country after you have visited it? I know it sounds silly, but after visiting Italy last summer I have created a kinship for this beautiful European country. I wasn't there long and can't speak Italian for beans but my time spent there was so memorable that whenever I see recipes with Italian heritage I get excited.

Case in point; these cookies called Mostaccioli (not to be confused with the same-named pasta) hail from Italy. According to the little blurb preceding the recipe, "In Roman times, these cookies were sweetened with the must, or mosto, left over from wine production." I believe that in Italy this method is still used though the recipe from Canadian Living is more accessible for those of us unable to find mosto.

The method for making these cookies is very straightforward. First you create a fragrant and spicy cocoa dough, chill it, roll it into balls, bake them and finally glaze them. I think I made my a little too large or as my friend refers to as "North American" sized. Still a good size for espresso or a latte. So if you're looking to make a cookie with kick try them out and enjoy a little taste of Italy.

Recipe: Mostaccioli