Sunday, May 21, 2006

Chocolate Intensity Muffins

If you live in Ontario, you know that this May 2-4 weekend was not very sunny or warm. Traditionally, this weekend is for planting beautiful flowers in the garden and is also the start of the cottage season. I know that a little unpleasant weather wouldn't keep Canadians from going to the garden centre or up north but I felt a little chilly and decided that a really good way to warm up would be to turn on my oven.

The Chocolate Intensity muffins I made certainly infused the house with warmth. The batter mixes up easily and lends itself to all types of add-ins such as chocolate chips and nuts. I opted to include white chocolate chips for some contrasting colour. Mr. CB thought that this was a terrible idea on my part and requested plain chocolate chips for next time. Other than that, he had nothing bad to say. The muffins are chocolately but not heavy and have a nice moist crumb. The top gets crackled on top so you can show it off or dust it with icing sugar. They hit the spot when you're craving something sweet and go very well with hot tea.

The weekend isn't over yet - have a happy Victoria Day everyone!

Recipe: Chocolate Intensity Muffins


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the muffins, Jen!

It was unbelievably cold this weekend ... no planting for us. The muffins are so comforting.

Randi said...

The weather was just terrible. I am ready for some sun. I should have baked something today too.

Canadian Baker said...

Ivonne - You're welcome! I agree with you...muffins are very comforting. :)

Randi - I hope we get some warmer weather soon too...this week is looking pretty good. :)

Unknown said...

Jen, just wanted to thank you for the parcel. I love your blog; all the recipes look so delicious and I can't wait to try the brownie recipe!

Kristina said...

It was too cold--these seem to be the perfect remedy! We ended our Monday night after a freezing but fun day at the zoo with a really easy and delicious "beer batter bread" and a bowl of soup. Like you, I had the inclination that baking something would warm up the atmosphere!

tanvi said...

With a name like chocolate intensity, I know these must be great. I love recipes that can be made with cocoa rather than chocolate, as I usually have the former but not the latter around. Great recipe. I know that it'll be put to use when my next chocolate craving hits.

Canadian Baker said...

Linda - You're welcome! I'm glad you liked the package. :)

Kristina - I love going to the zoo and I agree that baking is something that can warm you up instantly. :)

Tanvi - I'm the same as you - I always have cocoa powder on hand so I tend to make recipes using it rather than chocolate. If you make them, let me know how they turn out!

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