Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Puckery Lemon Drop Popsicles

I know popsicles don't involve any baking but, with the hot weather, a sweet cool treat justifies being posted. Also, after being at the zoo today with 5 energetic grade two boys, coming home to lemon popsicles sounded divine.

Puckery Lemon Drop popsicles are a snap to put together and only have 3 ingredients. Vanilla or lemon yogurt, lemonade concentrate and corn syrup are mixed together in a blender or with a whisk (whatever you have on hand), poured into popsicle moulds and frozen. Come back in a few hours and you'll have a yummy lemony treat. Again, if you love citrus dust off your moulds and get freezing!

The amount of popsicles you make depends on the size of the moulds. I made 12 and only have one left today...I barely got my hands on one to take a picture!

Recipe: Puckery Lemon Drop Popsicles


Anonymous said...


I could really use one of those today. It's so hot and these popsicles look like just the thing!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had your problem Ivonne, it's freezing where i live, and raining like nothing else!

Sounds like a nice recipe, it might be nice to whirl it around in an ice cream maker to make sorbet instead, too :-)

And I just found an "unmelting" popsicle! It's gelled, so that when it melts, it just gets jiggly and fun, it's no mess, has a nice texture, and doesn't scare me too badly with its ingredient list.

Sara said...

sounds great and i really like the picture. i love your popsicle holders - very nice! i've spent ages looking for nice ones, but so far, no luck.

Canadian Baker said...

Ivonne - Popsicles are a sure bet to beat the heat!

RN - Your recipe sounds really interesting - dripless popsicles would definitely be less messy. :) Thanks for reading!

Sara - I got these popsicle holders from Ikea about 3 summers ago. They were on sale - 4 for $1. I couldn't pass that up!