Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Strawberry Scones

On a trip to Springridge Farm this past weekend, I picked up some lovely, sweet red strawberries. I had seen some in the grocery store and didn't buy them knowing I could eat local and support a family business at the same time. Springridge is a great place to visit - there is tons to do with kids and a quaint country store to do some shopping. They also serve yummy baked goods too - strawberry tarts and pies!

Unfortunately, strawberry season is quickly coming to an end this year but we do have raspberries to look forward to. If you happen to have some berries around, an easy treat is to make scones. Just use your favourite recipe and fold in fresh chopped strawberries. Simple and tasty. To dress them up, add a drizzle of white chocolate and you have a nice summertime treat.

Recipe: Basic Scones


jasmine said...

How gorgeous!

I wanted to make scones this weekend, but there must have been a new weather front coming in as I was suffering from migraines.

Hopefully I'll be able to make some soon :)


Joe said...

Beautiful scones!

Anonymous said...

How strange, I just happen to have a package of strawberries that need a mission.
Wonderful photo!

Anonymous said...

How lovely! I'll keep this recipe on hand - they would make a wonderful afternoon tea accompaniment!

Anonymous said...


Those are just gorgeous!!!

Canadian Baker said...

Thanks everyone!!