Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Oreo Muffins

I don't usually have Oreos on hand at my house. My mom gave me a package on the weekend and, of course, I couldn't just eat them - that would be too easy so I decided to do something creative with them. I remember seeing a recipe on Bakingsheet for Oreo Cupcakes and with that inspiration I looked around for a similar recipe that didn't require a whole package of cookies. I found an easy recipe for Oreo Muffins on AAA Recipes. It looked reasonable with all the proper ingredients so I decided to go ahead.

The muffins came together nicely and I added an extra smidge of milk to get the batter a little softer. I would recommend leaving the cookie part in big chunks. Crumbs just dissolve and with the big chunks, the muffins stay black and white. The muffins, surprisngly, weren't very sweet (and oddly tasteless) and had a dense crumb. I didn't really detect an overt Oreo flavour but I was happy about how they baked - these are solid muffins. They went over well with the kids and I just added melted white chocolate on top to decorate and give them some extra flavour.

Recipe: Oreo Muffins


jasmine said...

I love the idea...I have to go out and buy some Oreos.


Anonymous said...

I would have gone for the easy way and would have eaten the Oreos ;) Lovely idea to incorporate the Oreos into the muffins

Canadian Baker said...

Jasmine - If you like cookies and cream then you'll like these. :)

Linda - Thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

I dont have muffins!!!!!! (well maybe a little :P)

Anonymous said...

(>.<)I dont have muffinz!!!!!! (well maybe just a little ;P)