Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Back from Puglia

Two weeks sure do go by fast! I'm back from Italy where my family and I spent time in the Puglia region of Italy, specifically Alberobello. This great old city is the home of the trulli, a dwelling with a conical roof as in the picture to the left. We had a great time trying to talk to the locals, who were always ready and willing to help us with pronunciation, ate lots of gelato and had fun in the sun. There were fruit and olive orchards everywhere. You could literally hop the stone fence and grab a fresh plum off the tree. Also, the mozzarella in Italy was to die for and makes the stuff we eat here seem like rubber. It was delicious and soft.

The end of the trip was highlighted with a grand wedding at the Giardino del Mago in Canosa. We were treated to a seven-course meal, dancing and spectacular fireworks. (Pictures of the dessert table at the wedding will come later.) All in all it was a great holiday and I think I now officially have caught the travel bug! Who couldn't love a country that holds official festivals for Nutella?
View of the city


Anonymous said...

Difficult to and not to come back after travels such as that - glad you've caught the bug, it's a beautiful place! Anxious to see the dessert table! Wow. 17 courses!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to see that dessert table.

Unknown said...
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