Friday, December 15, 2006

Chocolate Espresso Shortbread

Mr. CB is a coffee lover. He recently purchased an espresso maker and grinder and has been making lattes, cappuccinos and espresso shots for our enjoyment. I especially like lattes flavoured with vanilla and have not yet been able to fully appreciate an excellently pulled shot. Espresso is quite beautiful when properly made and Mr. CB is doing a great job at achieving a nice crema. Now all he has to do is work on his latte art...

All this coffee talk made me decide to make an espresso shortbread from Tish Boyle's The Good Cookie. I used Illy espresso powder in the batter and good quality Dutch-processed cocoa powder. The batter was patted into a round cake pan, baked and cut into wedges. This was the first time I used this method for making shortbread and I was anxious to see how it would turn out.

When we tried the shortbread the chocolate flavour was pronounced and the coffee was discernable but not strong. I think next time I will grind fresh beans for a punchier flavour. The texture was not melt-in-the-mouth as some shortbreads are. It was solid and 'sandy' - more cookie than shortbread. Let the shortbread cool completely, otherwise your wedge will fall apart. Overall, we all liked it. It was not bitter and it did go well with coffee. Perhaps I will make it again, though at this moment, I'm undecided.

Recipe: Chocolate Espresso Shortbread


Anonymous said...

This would go over quite well here in Seattle.

Anonymous said...

I just purchased an espresso machine as well and am beginning to get the hang of making acceptable coffee.

I'm excited to give this recipe a shot - thanks for posting!!