Monday, January 15, 2007

Lily's Marble Cake

A while back I decided to buy a new baking book for myself. As I was looking through the shelves I saw Chocolate & Vanilla, a new book by Gale Gand. I first heard about her from her book Butter Sugar Flour Eggs. I picked it up and perused it while sitting in the children's area. One funny thing was that, as I got halfway through the book, the pages were upside down. I was sure this was a publication error and wondered how it could happen so I went to grab another one. Well, the next one was mixed up too! Slowly, it dawned on me that this book was actually two books in one - Chocolate & Vanilla and Vanilla & Chocolate. I was sold.

This cake is the second recipe I made from the book and is the perfect countertop sharing cake. It is light but not dry and definitely tastes better the next day. The addition of coconut is light and complementary to the overall cake and the chocolate marble is very intensely chocolate. The cake was well received and tastes very nice with tea and coffee.
Recipe: Lily's Chocolate Cake


Brilynn said...

Tasty and pretty too!

Anonymous said...

Those look really good.

Canadian Baker said...

Brilynn & Peabody - Thanks! I love how marbling makes baked goods look dramatic.

Anonymous said...

wow, that chocolate in the middle doesn't look like batter. It looks like chocolate!

i can be a little slow on the uptake as well so thanks for the laugh1!