Friday, February 23, 2007

Best-Ever Banana Muffins

I think most bakers out there have a standard banana bread/muffin/cookie recipe they turn to when their bananas turn black. I usually make banana cookies which only requires one banana but, more often than not, I have about 4 leftover by Friday. A friend was coming over for tea so I needed something to serve, as tea without eats is incomplete.

Criteria 1: Recipe must use more than one banana.

Criteria 2: Must be quick to make! (Less than 15 minutes not including baking time)

Out came Robin Hood Best Baking and I flipped to the index scrolling 'banana' and found muffins. Not too exciting but, it fit my two criteria and I got to work.

The thing I really like about these muffins is their flavour. There are three bananas in the batter so you get real flavour, not just essence of banana. The riper the bananas the better. After baking for 25 minutes, they cooled for 5, and were almost all eaten by two hungry boys. I did manage to save some for tea, and they were much appreciated. As always, you can add stuff to make them yours (chips, dried fruit or nuts) but I really enjoyed them plain. They're easy easy easy, perfect for packing in lunches and fun to make with little kids.

Recipe: Best-Ever Banana Muffins


Patricia Scarpin said...

These muffins have my name written all over them. :)

How delicious!

I'd love to be invited for tea and get these wonderful muffins - such a bonus. :)

Anonymous said...

I like your criteria for choosing the recipe, much like mine, and the muffins look great!

Anonymous said...

Excellent points on a good banana-using recipes - I completely concur!

Helene said...

Now you know that with a name like that I will have to try them!! Great recipe.

Valentina said...

Wow! how beautiful do they look .and with all these bananas they are probably very yummy.

Celine said...

Just tried the banana muffins, they are warm and soooo good :-) perfect for tea time.

Many thanks for the recipe!

Jennifer said...

Do you have the recipe for the recipe posted for the cookie batch with 1 banana?

Canaya said...

Good breakfast