Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dutch Butter Bars

Spring has finally sprung in Ontario. Tulips are almost blooming and buds are appearing on my lilac bush. Along with the good weather comes busy times at work and less time to bake. I did, however, find time to make some bars which I will share with you.

Dutch Butter Bars (known in Dutch as boterkoek) are a simple satisfying bar. They're reminiscent of shortbread and have a chewy texture. The almond flavouring compliments the buttery bars very well and the scattered almonds on top add some crunch. Just remember, overbaking will make the bars too crispy. I didn't overbake, but my edges were still well done, almost like biscotti. Also, the consistency of the dough was more like cookie batter. It was not spreadable so I had to pat the dough into the pan.

Overall, the bars were tasty and I would make them again and bake them for a little less time. For some sparkle, sprinkle coarse sugar on top and enjoy with a nice hot drink.

Recipe: Dutch Butter Bars


♥ mesa para 4 said...

Just to say that I really and I mean really love your blog.
Your food and pictures are great.
I´m going to try some of these.
Best Regards from Portugal (Europe)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen! You always have such a knack for baking things that my husband and I would love... These sounds amazing - as I'm a huge bar/biscotti fan, and hubby is a huge almond fan!

sher said...

I love shortbread, and those look even better!