Monday, August 13, 2007

Lemon Tea Cookies

A couple weeks ago, my neighbour, Little Man, turned three and his mom decided to have a small gathering for cake cutting and presents. After making a chocolate cake for him, I wanted to make something non-chocolate for the adults, specifically his grandmother who, like my own mom, loves lemon. As this was a last minute decision, I had to find something lemony, quick and tea-worthy.

I wanted something crispier than a drop cookie and I found the perfect cookies in a seven year old publication from BHG. Essentially, the cookie is lemon shortbread topped with lemon glaze. The recipe does not mention re-rolling scraps which you inevitably end up with if you cut out circles. I hate to waste dough so I re-rolled as gently as possible to max out my cookie output. Normally, I don't find too much of a difference in cookie texture when I do this, but this time I could tell the first rolled cookies from the last. The last lost their easy flakiness and were noticeably 'tougher' or as tough as a shortbread cookie can become. The glaze in the recipe calls for specific items which I didn't have so I used lemon juice mixed with icing sugar and, to punch up the colour, a little yellow paste colouring with hot pink sparkles. One thing I liked was that you could roll out the dough right away without any chilling time. Overall, the cookies were good but not mind blowing. They're quick, easy and perfect for novice bakers.

Recipe: Lemon Tea Cookies


Jannett said...

Good Morning :)

Another great looking cookie to add to my list. hmmm Let me see I will have to live to 200 to try everything I see on these blogs.

Patricia Scarpin said...

I have been thinking about baking lemon or lime cookies forever, Jen - I'm gonna tag this recipe!

Jocelyn:McAuliflower said...

Mmm what a simple, sweet, and beautiful cookie!

Belinda said...

I am a sucker for lemon anything, and these cookies look like perfect little lemony treats...I love the pink sparkling sprinkles too. :-) How cute they turned out!