Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cheddar Mustard Muffins

Now that autumn is in full swing, my focus on
on meal planning has taken a turn towards comfort food. Nothing is more welcome on a cool crisp day than a steaming hot bowl of soup or chili. I enjoy cool weather cooking because it means I get to use my slow cooker a lot more and along with the stews and such, it is nice to have a baked accompaniment for dipping.

I made these Cheddar Mustard muffins to have with lasagna. They're chock full of cheese, grainy Dijon, red peppers and freshly ground black pepper. To make these, I used my Spice Depot black pepper grinder. What is a Spice Depot grinder, you ask? It is a typical spice bottle that has a grinder under the lid so all you have to do is turn it upside down and twist. Voila, fresh and instant spice! What I like about the grinder is that the pepper comes out coarsely so it adds not only flavour, but texture to the muffins. I was able to also put a quick sprinkle on top of each muffin for added colour. The grinder was very useful and you use only what you need, so the spice is never stale.

The muffins were very piquant. There were a lot of complementary flavours present and would be enjoyed by those who like assertive seasoning. I didn't use smooth Dijon and I suspect that the muffin would taste quite different from using grainy mustard. I prefer grainy as it looks and tastes nicer. So next time you want something other than a crusty baguette, try these out. They're easy and flavoursome!

(Disclosure: I was provided (with thanks) a bottle of each Spice Depot Black Peppercorns, Sea Salt and Salad Seasoning.)

Recipe: Cheddar Mustard Muffins


Anonymous said...

These look delish!!! Yummy and so pretty too.

Deborah said...

These would be perfect to serve along a nice warm bowl of soup!

Katie said...

They look great. I don't make savoury muffins very often but those look so good I may just have to bake a batch.

Rosemary said...

will be making these soon to go with a cauliflower soup I am making.

Shopaholic D said...

nice! those look so tasty and different from your average dinner roll. i'll have to try those sometime.

i agree w/ deborah - those sound like they'd go great w/ soup! yummy!

:) D

DANIELLE said...

Yum! I admire your baking skills; I find baking to be such a challenge. These muffins look amazing and might just force me to try them out.