Friday, October 26, 2007

Old Dad's Oatmeal Cookies

I made these cookies quite a while ago but have been procrastinating about posting about them. It's not that I don't like them, its just that I haven't dedicated any proper blogging time into my schedule. Now, with a little time to myself and some Radiohead, I can finally get down to business.

The reasons I like these cookies:

1. They use almost 3 cups of oats. Now that's a real oatmeal cookie.

2. They're sturdy and versatile. Leave them plain or dress them up. Turn them into ice cream sandwiches. It's all good.

3. They're easy, fast and mixes up in one bowl.

The one thing about using Crisco is that sometimes when you have a plain cookie like this one, the flavour can become flat and tasteless so you really need to add the salt called for in the recipe. I also used cinnamon to jazz up the flavour which is totally optional - it just depends on what you like. The recipe makes a lot of cookies so invite some friends over and share. Or have a Hallowe'en party, add orange and dark brown M&M's and call them Super Crunchy And Really Yummy (SCARY) cookies.......or not.

Recipe: Old Dad's Oatmeal Cookies


Rosemary said...

Will be trying this recipe love the maple syrup and cinnamon to add

Yosha said...

I tried this recipe over the weekend and the best cookie I've made!! It was very moist, which never happens to my cookies!! Brought them into work and was gone withing the hour!!!

Thank you very much.

I added the cinnamon and maple syrup and cut the sugar by half a cup. I added some M&Ms to half the batter. Now I am wondering if I can replace the 2 cups flour with ground oatmeal?


Anonymous said...

those look awesome! i'd love to try making them with chocolate chips! do you think the baking time would have to change if you do add those in? how much would you recommend?

Canadian Baker said...

Yosha - If you try using ground oatmeal, let me know how they turn out. Maybe replacing part of the flour instead of all would work too. :)

Anon - If you add chocolate chips, you don't need to increase the baking time. I would add a cup of chips and just bake as you did before!