Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

If you're looking for something super chocolatey, these cookies are for you. They take a little bit of work and a ruler, but the end result is definitely quite worth it.

If you think of the chocolate Peak Freans sandwich cookie, these are similar, though not exactly the same. The cookies are dark with an intense cocoa flavour. They're softer than store-bought cookies and instead of being filled with icing, they're held together by a delicious chocolate ganache. If that wasn't enough, one end is dipped in the ganache and then into sprinkles. Pretty darn tasty if you ask me. Add a glass of cold milk and you have the best snack ever. (Well, if you're seven and in grade two, you do.)

So if you're going to make them, just take your time and read the instructions. Even though I measured perfect 10 x 10 squares, some cookies came out wider than others. And when you're done, you get to lick the extra ganache off the spoon. Yum!

Recipe: Chocolate Sandwich Cookies


slush said...

They look adorable! And uber chocolatey. Im sure the work was well worth the outcome. Looks great!

Anonymous said...

They look ab-fab! Can't wait to try them.

Anonymous said...

I love your site! It's so easy to get around. You must really love to bake! I wish I could bake a lot more but I don't want to end up eating it all. Right now it is only my husband and I living together, no little ones yet.