Friday, February 01, 2008

Flourgirls Bakery

The cupcake craze has come to Milton! Years ago, you could first see the trend emerging in New York at Magnolia Bakery. They created these colourful sugary confections to the delight of customers and tourists alike. Since then, the cupcake has never looked back. It gained popularity because it appealed to those desiring a single-serving dessert, are easy to eat and come in all different types of flavours. Now the cupcake has come to my backyard.

Flourgirls is a new bakery that opened in late 2007. What started off as a home-based business has now become a cozy spot for those looking to satisfy their sweet tooth, have a coffee and chat with friends. Patrons can delight at a display case filled with full-sized and miniature cupcakes. The day I went there were many to choose from and I picked Lemon, Raspberry, Marisol (dulce de leche) and Mocha cupcakes. (All of the cupcakes were chocolate, except for the Lemon which was vanilla.)

First of all, I can definitely say that children will love these cupcakes. I barely had enough time to take some pictures before they were ravaged upon by my family. I chose a Marisol cupcake for myself and throughly enjoyed the half that I ate. The icing was ultra light, smooth and velvety. It was buttercream at its best. The cake was moist and fluffy creating a overall tasty cupcake.

So if you're ever in Old Milton, do check them out. They also sell cakes and other baked goods that are listed on their website

14 Mill Street Unit 103
Milton, ON
6 cupcakes sell for $13.65 (tax included)


african vanielje said...

Not generally a fan of cupcakes or piped frostin, I have fallen in love with these. The frosting looks as light as you describe and particularly in your last picture they look like gorgeous roses. Very tempting


Hello from Georgian Bay! I will be in Milton in 2 weeks time and I will go get a yummy treat from them. So glad to discover another Canadian blogger. Love all your posts - I'll be back! I've linked you!

Anonymous said...

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Vancouver Isle Doug said...

Milton??? I thought that town sounded familiar - we got our marriage license at the Milton Town Hall!! The woman was SO nice and friendly, something a same sex couple would hardly ever see in the US. We were married in Kilbride and have since moved to Vancouver Island. LOVE your blog!!!