Thursday, March 19, 2009

Empire Cookies

I bet you've seen these cookies at your local grocery store. Empire cookies have a distinctly elegant look due in part to the shiny sugar glaze and cherry on top. If you've been meaning to try them out, definitely do - they're delicious.

The one aspect of this cookie that I really liked was that there was no chilling time required for the dough. After you mix it up, you can roll it out right away and get to work with your cookie cutters. I would definitely recommend stirring all the ingredients with a wooden spoon as the recipe suggests. I started with my mixer and was a bit worried because the batter was coarse and crumbly but when I switched to a spoon it creamed together nicely.

Rolling, cutting and baking went smoothly as well. Once they were cool, I filled some cookies with raspberry jam and some with a non-traditional dark chocolate spread, spread the glaze on and placed a sliver of candied cherry on top.

You need to give the cookies a little time for the glaze to set. Once it it, these little sandwiches are perfect little almondy bites. The cookies is tender, the jam tart and the glaze sweet - all components of one great cookie. My neighbour loved it with the raspberry jam and Mr. CB enjoyed the chocolate version. All in all, they're worth the time and effort to make and look great on a platter. Perfect for showers, high tea and lazy Saturday afternoons.

Recipe: Empire Cookies


Anonymous said...

Those are adorable, and I love any kind of jam cookie. Yummm. The candied cherry on top is extra-cute!

kickpleat said...

It's funny because these cookies look so familiar, but I've never eaten one because I'm not a fan of candied cherries, but you make them so appealing and pretty! I think I'll cave and have a bite.

Heather said...

How pretty and they must be delicious.Would love to try them.

Unknown said...

That looks soo good. Everything you make looks good! I love your site so much, it’s really great!

breadchick said...

Oh that is what those are called! I have had them before but I never knew what they were. Thanks for clearing that up!

Cata said...

When you think you´ve seen all, there is YOUR blog! Oh my, I just love it! pictures look great, and I like your style. I promise to read all the way to the begining!!! Good luck!

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I made them with gluten free flour and they were just as good as regular flour. I used the Bob's Red Mill 1:1 mix!

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