Monday, March 06, 2006

Fig and Orange Bars

"Packed with flavour, these golden bars sandwiching a fig puree are similar to (but a lot better than) their store-bought relatives." This is the intro written about these bars by Canadian Living and I can agree that they are quite tasty.

The filling is a mixture of figs, orange juice and peel and the bar is a simple brown sugar dough. There is no sugar added to the filling so the sweetness of the figs shines through. It fits into a 8-inch square pan and bakes up until lightly browned. I cut the bars into triangles just as they are shown in the magazine.

The bars are soft and the filling is very flavourful, with the orange being very pronounced. They do taste like Fig Newtons but are not nearly as sweet. The cookie part balances nicely with the filling and the little fig seeds add some pleasant texture to the overall taste of the bar. They are perfect for snacks and I'll absolutely be adding this recipe to my keeper pile. It might even work with dates, but that's another recipe for another day.

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