Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Triple Chocolate Devil Drops

If you like chocolate cake, these are the cookies for you. Made with cocoa powder, sour cream and studded with semi-sweet chocolate chips, these cookies are soft, moist and cakey.

The batter is similar to the banana cookies I made last week. It is soft and not scoopable. I made these cookies a little bigger and they baked for 12 minutes. The white chocolate drizzle is part of the recipe but can be omitted if you like -these cookies are completely tasty on their own.

The recipe comes from The Good Cookie and is one of the easier cookies to make. (Perfect for beginners.) They pack a solid chocolate punch and are satisfying when cravings for a dense, fudgy cookie sneak up in the middle of the night.


Anonymous said...

do you post recipies here? cause those cookies (and everything else on this page) looks good!

Canadian Baker said...

Anon - I don't usually post recipes because they make the posts too long.(at least I think so) If you would like the recipe I would gladly e-mail it to you. I'll look into creating an archive...this may be the best solution. Thanks for reading!

HoneyD said...

Yeah those cookies look really yummy, I sure would like one!