Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Recipe Update

Here are some recipes from previous posts. Enjoy!

Pear Raisin Streusel Bars (low fat)

Butter Tart Squares

Cream Cheese Raspberry Brownies

Triple Chocolate Devil Drops


Anonymous said...

Mmm ... butter tart squares ... Bless you for posting the recipe!!

Canadian Baker said...

No problem Tania!

Anonymous said...

The Brownies were a hit! After spending waaaay too long on the pound cake - which, after all, turned out to be just a pound cake - these were a welcome whip-up. Thanks for the recipe. Will use alot more raspberry jam next time.
Babybaker in St. Catharines

Canadian Baker said...

BabyBaker - I'm glad you guys liked the brownies! I've had the suggestion thrown at me to use strawberry jam next time...maybe I will. :)