Friday, December 01, 2006

Chocolate Layer Cake

Ode to Chocolate Cake

A chocolate dessert.
Perfect as a birthday cake.
Makes everyone smile.

Ok, that's my feeble attempt at haiku but the sentiment is true. It's a great cake and a classic flavour. Add some ice cream, and you've got one of the best desserts ever!

Happy Birthday H!

Recipe: Chocolate Layer Cake


Anonymous said...

This looks AMAZING. I'm going to try this. (By the way, if you know of any suppliers of "quality" baking ingredients in/around Toronto or anywhere online in Canada, please let us know. I'm looking for good cinnamons and vanillas, etc.) Thanks for this lovely site.

Anonymous said...

4 layers, very nice!

Anonymous said...

Is this THE famous Canadian Baker chocolate cake? Of post-birth-vist fame???

Anonymous said...

How about:

oh cocoa altar
my most secret moist darkness
you bear it sweetly