Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Apple Toffee Cake

Alas the rumor that winter would somehow escape Southern Ontario has proven decidedly untrue. With temperatures that hurt and snow deep enough to take the gleam off a new shovel we were in bad need of some warmth and comfort. For me, this means baking with familiar ingredients which get turned into much appreciated and quickly-consumed goodies.

With an extra package of Skor on hand I received an email early last week from Judy K. of Aberfoyle, Ont. with a recipe for Apple Toffee Cake.

Cold day + Skor bits + just-in-time recipe = destiny, no?

This coffee cake is fantastic. It is exceptionally moist and buttery (love that Skor!) without being oily at all. The Skor added a warm caramel flavour and the apples added extra texture. Great match.

Much thanks Judy.

Recipe: Apple Toffee Cake


jasmine said...

Oh, that looks delicious. Well done :)

Eve said...

My mother made this for Easter Sunday and it was delicious.